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Lakelse Air Expands Fleet with Purchase of AS355n Twin from Eurotec Canada!

Lakelse Air Expands Fleet with Purchase of AS355n Twin from Eurotec Canada!

2013-03-22 10:57:29
EuroTec Canada Press Release

On March 20, EuroTec Canada of Dundas, Ont. delivered an AS355N to Lakelse Air Ltd for its utility and base operations in Terrace, B.C. The AS355N is the first twin-engine aircraft for Lakelse Air, which currently operates several single-engine Eurocopter aircraft.

According to Lakelse Air president and CEO Ian Munson, acquisition of the AS355N is intended to meet the continued twin-engine requirements of customers in B.C. “With safety and efficiency in mind, we looked towards the 355N to achieve our goals,” said Munson. “It will be put to very good use by our customers and is in keeping with our commitment to provide them with modern, high-performance aircraft that will set us apart in the Northern B.C. area.”

Munson continued, “The AS355 N will be a welcome addition to Lakelse Air’s fleet of aircraft. The AS355N’s flexibility and power will give us the ability to achieve demanding flight regimes over the rugged Northwest B.C. terrain [and] flights over urban areas, and is renowned for its low operation, acquisition and maintenance costs.”

“The AS355N is becoming ever more popular with the Canadian operators,” said Hoss Golanbari, VP of EuroTec Canada, citing new regulations and increased demand for twin-engine safety and reliability. The aircraft delivered to Lakelse featured a complete 12-year inspection, new paint and interior, and utility options to meet Western Canada operational needs. Said Golanbari, “Our highly dedicated maintenance crew strived for this project to provide Lakelse Air with a very light airframe, and they succeeded with that goal of keeping the empty weight of this helicopter under 3,400 pounds.”

Phil Antosh, president of AMC Aerospace Consultants, remarked, “EuroTec Canada was my first choice of AMO’s to recommend to Lakelse Air. They have the twin knowledge, background, and the utmost respect for customer feedback and support, which lead me to recommend their completion center to Mr. Ian Munson.”

Chad Decker, president of EuroTec Canada, said, “We are pleased with the outcome of the complete project and will look forward on providing Lakelse Air the after sales support they require for their newly acquired 355N and their existing fleet of AS350 helicopters. We are a company based on comprehensive support and have invested heavily this past year to help operators like Lakelse and others maintain a high level of readiness with minimal down time with their 355Ns in Canada and abroad.”

EuroTec Canada, a Transport Canada AMO, is an affiliate of Kansas-based EuroTec Vertical Flight Solutions, a Federal Aviation Administration certified repair station.

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